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Book Review
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Float You: How to Capitalize on Your Talent

Float You: How to Capitalize on Your Talent
By Carmel McConnell and Mick Cope
ISBN 1-843-04006-9
P 1,829.50

If you were a company, who would you buy shares in you? How high is your stock in the market? Whatever your role, you need people to invest in you. Successful personal floatation, getting to market and winning, can and will happen when you:

  • know yourself
  • know your value
  • know your network
  • know your market

Float You leads you through these steps, with no nonsense checks on your brand worth at every stage. Use the float you structure so that when you finally go to market, your personal share price will reach an all time high, and stay there.

About the Authors

Carmel McConnell is a change activist, author and business coach. In her corporate career, Carmel has consulted to investment banks, worked on media convergence projects and advised on film studio processes. Previously, Carmel spent several years as a full-time anti-nuclear campaigner. She is author of Change Activist.

Mick Cope is an experienced and inspirational business consultant and author, who has manages a wide range of development programs. Mick is the author of a number of books, the most recent of which are Know Your Value and Lead Yourself.


Building Your Career Portfolio

Building Your Career Portfolio
By Carol A. Poore
ISBN 1-56414-540-9
P 1,250.00

How well are you building and investing your career assets? What kind of "return" are you enjoying for all your hard work? Will your career wealth enable you to fulfil your dreams and meet your goals? If most of us tried to "analyze" our careers using the same tools and techniques we apply to our investments, we'd probably be in for a rude awakening. Not only would we be sorely lacking in "assets" but we'd probably be getting a lousy "return" on the assets we had managed to build up! And career strategy? What career strategy?

In Building Your Career Portfolio, business and career strategist Carol A. Poore has created a ground breaking approach that is rewriting the rules of work. It clearly and effectively shows you how to build career wealth by developing a diversified "investment portfolio" of career assets that become valuable over time. Rather than putting all of your career eggs in one basket (a single job or business), you will discover how to:

  • Define and fulfill your unique personal purpose
  • Diversify career risk by selecting the right mix of career assets that align with your personal purpose
  • Create a new career and community opportunities throughout your lifetime.
    About the Author

Carol A. Poore is an international author, speaker and community leader. A director of one of the nation's most successful energy service providers, she has been instrumental in shaping business strategy and creating award-winning marketing and public relations programs. Carol's civic involvement is in integral part of her career portfolio.



Redesign yourself for a smarter future
By Guy Browning
ISBN 1-843-04002-6
P 1,829.50

The days of mass produced human beings are over. In the new economy you're on your own. You have more opportunities than ever, and you can choose what you want to do, how you want to do it and who you want to do it with.
But you also have to be more creative, more flexible and above all more likeable than ever before. You need to learn a vital and new skill - personal innovation. Personal innovation is the new skill to anyone who wants a future in business. It's about how to imagine, to create, to build teams, networks, relationships, fulfilling lives. Most of all it's about challenging and re-building the one thing you do have total control over, and that's you.

When you're in a game without rules everything is on fast forward, you need to listen, learn, adapt and attack. You need to rewire yourself to make sure you're ready to survive and thrive.

Innervation is your new economy, new lifestyles survival guide.

About the Author

Guy Browning is a business consultant and writer. The man behind the "Office Politics" column in the Guardian for four successful years, Guy moved on to the "How To" column showing how business principles can be applied to home life (and "how they don't work there either").

Guy also writes the "Weak at the Top" diary for Management Today. In his spare time he runs a successful innovation consultancy, Smokehouse and speaks on creativity and business survival on the international conference circuit.


When Smart People Work for Dumb Bosses

When Smart People Work for Dumb Bosses
How To Survive in a Crazy and Dysfunctional Workplace By William Lundin, Ph.D. and Kathleen Lundin
ISBN 0-07-134808-5
P 695.00

Suffering under an intimidating supervisor? Mistreated by thoughtless management? Demeaned by a dictator? Bullied by a lazy boss? Used and abused by heartless company policy? You're not alone. The fact is that such nightmare situations are a way of life for many working people. But help is on the way.
William and Kathleen Lundin, renowned corporate "therapists" for dysfunctional organizations, have helped thousands of employees break the cycle. Through candid interviews with the real people who have endured difficult working conditions, this book offers hope for dealing with those "bosses from hell."

About the Authors

William Lundin,Ph.D. and Kathleen Lundin are cofounders of Worklife Productions, a consulting/training practice to every-size corporation. They have trained managers and teamleaders for big companies in the USA. They are widely recognized for their straight-talking, interactive approach to workplace problems grounded in solid therapeutic techniques.


Career Planning and Networking

Career Planning and Networking
By South-Western Thomson Learning
ISBN 0-538-72474-9
P 1,250.00

The workplace in the 21st century is more competitive than ever before. The idea of one job for life is no longer an operable plan. Career Planning and Networking is designed to provide an overview of the steps involved in the career planning process, It further focuses on the importance of building and maintaining a strong, effective network of support during you career.
About South-Western

This title is one in the Professional Development Series by South-Western. This series is the perfect resource for learning the non-technical strategies and tactics needed to compete in today's business world.



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