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Book Review
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Landing the Job you Want

Landing The Job You Want
By William C. Byham, Ph.D. and Debra Pickett

Teaches you sound strategies for matching your qualifications to the ones required by a job. You learn the most effective way to convey information about yourself to an interviewer and how to deal with challenging interview situations.

Each exercise in Landing the Job You Want is designed to help you look within yourself to identify your strengths (and weaknesses). In no time at all you'll develop a portfolio of skills that match your ideal job, and you'll understand exactly what your interviewer is looking for in a candidate. You'll be ready to dazzle your interviewer with both your qualifications and your preparation. The result? The interview of a lifetime - one that leads to the job you've been hoping for."

About the Authors
William C. Byham, Ph.D., has been called 'the world's foremost authority on hiring' (Carbonara,P.[1996, August/September] Hire for attitude, train for skill. Fast Company 73-81). He has written numerous books and articles on methods of employee assessment and selection, including his 1996 book, The Selection Solution: Solving the Mystery of Matching People to Jobs. He is also the author of international best-selling books, Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment and HeroZ: Empower Yourself, Your Coworkers, Your Company. 

Dr. Byham is president and CEO of Development Dimensions International, a leading provider of programs and services designed to help organizations identify, hire, and develop their employees.

Debra Pickett serves as a communications specialist at DDI's corporate headquarters, where she authors proposals for major consulting projects and articles and speeches for senior executives.


Great Jobs Ahead

The Great Jobs Ahead
Previously published as JOB SHOCK
By Harry S. Dent,Jr.
P 291.75

Prepare yourself for a new era. A climate of fear is enveloping the workplace. Massive layoffs, plant closings, and cost cutting have caused insecurity in employees at every level. Despite the unsettling symptoms of this full-scale revolution, best-selling author Harry Dent assures us that the future is overwhelmingly positive.

The Great Jobs Ahead describes a world where technologies empower the individual, bringing exciting opportunities and creativity to every career. It offers essential behavioral skills everyone will need. This book is crucial reading for anyone who works or manages.

About the Author
Harry S. Dent, Jr.
Author of the international bestseller The Great Boom Ahead, Harry S. Dent Jr., is a speaker, seminar leader, and consultant to hundreds of companies. A Harvard MBA, he has been featured in Success, Fortune and Omni magazines, as well as on "Good Morning, America", PBS, CNBC and other media. He is based in Moss, California.


Power of Positive Criticism

The Power of Positive Criticism
By Hendrie Weisinger,Ph.D.
P 1,230.00

The ability to give and take criticism in a positive fashion is essential to business (not to mention personal) success. Day-to-day tasks such as performance appraisals, team participation, customer service, quality control, and managing conflict all depend on giving and taking criticism well - not an easy thing to do! Highly complex and difficult to handle emotionally, criticism can be a destructive, and even a dangerous force. The Power of Positive Criticism shows you how to transform criticism from a negative, relationship-damaging encounter to a constructive, motivating, beneficial experience for everyone involved.

If you want to improve your skills in this important area, The Power of Positive Criticism will help. The book provides tools to help you hone your criticism skills, including Criticism Inventory, a valuable aid enabling you to gather the information that will help facilitate your abilities in giving and taking criticism.

About the Author
Hendrie Weisinger
Hendrie Weisinger,Ph.D.,is a licensed psychologist, the originator of "Criticism Training", and a leading authority in the areas of emotional intelligence and anger management. He has made more than 200 appearances on TV and news programs. A frequent speaker and workshop leader, Dr. Weisinger has led hundreds of criticism seminars for Fortune 500 companies, school systems, government agencies, and professional associations; and he teaches in executive education and MBA programs across the United States. He lives in Westport, Connecticut.


Inner Excellence at Work

Inner Excellence at Work
The Path to Meaning,Spirit and Success
By Carol M. Osborn
P 1,225.00

To get ahead in life, you simply have to work long and hard, right? After all, hard work is the foundation of the American dream. But these days people are discovering that working harder - and even smarter - doesn't guarantee the dream will come true, and that by sacrificing their personal needs and desires to ambition and success, they've taken the meaning and joy out of both their personal lives and their work.

If this sounds familiar to you - if you've been fueled by ambition, single-mindedly pursuing success, and wondering why you feel so empty - Inner Excellence at Work is just what you need.

Based on author Carol Osborn's highly acclaimed and successful teachings about spirituality and success, Inner Excellence at Work provides an enlightened approach to career and life management. According to Osborn, success need not vie with your deeply held principles and quality-of-life desires - in fact, by being true to those instincts, you can achieve your greatest success ever (while working less !).

About the Author
Carol Osborn
Carol Osborn was among the vanguard of business-people who pioneered the application of spirituality in the workplace. She lectures and gives workshops all over the United States. She has often been featured in national print media, and has discussed her beliefs on television. She is the author of numerous books that have been translated into 10 languages, including Solved by Sunset, The Art of Resilience, and Return from Exile, and is co-author of How To Speak the Language of Healing. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want
The 7 Principles of Rational Living
By Robert J. Ringer
P 1,200.00

In this book, author Robert Ringer offers a thinking person's guide to success in any and all areas of life. While we should not achieve our goals at anyone's expense, Ringer believes we have a moral right to act in our best interests over the long term - provided we don't commit aggression against others. In our often wildly irrational world, which advocates quick fixes, bending the rules, and skewing the truth to the needs of the moment, Ringer has found that the path to long-term happiness lies in the creation and defense of personal values. He explains how to get what you want - be it love, career advancement, or respect - by adopting seven principles of a rational lifestyle.

  • Base your actions on truth
  • Focus on values, not entitlements
  • Make choices with civility, dignity, honesty and humility
  • Avoid those who drain your personal resources
  • Rid your self of major encumbrances
  • Develop the self-discipline to act on intellect, not on impulse

Learn from bad breaks and move on
Enlightening, straightforward, and candid, this book is not for people looking for banal formulas. If, however, you are tired of soggy self-help sympathy and are ready to take responsibility for your own future, this book offers a galvanizing message of independence.

About the Author
Robert J. Ruger
Robert J. Ruger's six books include Winning Through Intimidation and Looking Out for #1 - both number-one New York Times bestsellers. His work has been read by millions and translated into more than a dozen languages. He lives in Arizona.



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