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Book Review
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Portable MBA

The New Portable MBA
ISBN 0-471-08004-7
By Eliza G.C. Collins and Mary Anne Devanna
P 565.00

It all started with one book that had a simple goal: bring the wisdom of today's top MBA programs into the home libraries of business professionals everywhere. In a nutshell - offer the skills, ideas and power of the MBA without the time and cost. The idea took hold. And now, over 300,000 copies later, The Portable MBA has become a staple on the business shelf.
In letter-writing, one ought to be natural; but ease and naturalness should not be allowed to degenerate into slipshod English and vulgar slang. Business and official letters in particular, require more care and thought than social letters.

Designed to carry tomorrow's leaders into the 21st century, The New Portable MBA capitalized on the strengths that made its predecessor a classic. It offers contributions from an international all-star team of experts from today's business schools and provides readers with topics, including managing people, finance, economics, and accounting; marketing management; information technology; leadership; strategy and more.

About the Author
Eliza G.C. Collins is a faculty partner of the Center for Executive Development, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Formerly the senior editor of The Harvard Business Review, she is the editor of the critically acclaimed Executive Success: Making It In Management. Her other books include The Executive Dilemma: Handling People Problem at Work and Dearest Amanda: An Executive's Advice to Her Daughter.

Mary Anne Devanna was, until her recent death, Associate Dean of Columbia University's Graduate School of Business and coeditor of the Columbia Journal of World Business. She was also a senior consultant for "Workout", a major change program in General Electric, and earlier in her career, director of advertising at Longines. Her other books include The Transformational Leader and Strategic Human Resource Management.


Utterly Confused

Job Hunting for the Utterly Confused
By Jason R. Rich
ISBN 0-07-052665-6 (Careers)

When it all comes to landing your ideal job, even a smart person like you can be confused. But with this book, you'll learn how to chart your career path with less stress and more fun.

With this book's expert advice, you'll master every step of the job search process - from defining your personal skills to preparing a dynamite resume and cover letter; from finding help and invaluable leads on the Internet to marketing yourself effectively; from acing the interview to negotiating a better salary - EVERYTHING you need to know to ensure your professional success.

Don't wait another minute - make your first career move now and go from being utterly confused to completely aware in no time!

About the Author
Jason R. Rich is a weekly columnist for The Boston Herald's Sunday career section and has written feature articles for National Business Employment Weekly and The Wall Street Journal's Managing Your Career. He's also the author of First Job, Great Job and has written over 20 other books including a number of best-selling computer and video games strategy guides.


Job Interviews for Dummies

Job Interviews for Dummies
By Joyce Lain Kennedy
ISBN 1-56884-859-5 (Careers)
P 590.00

Does preparing for a job interview make your stomach turn? Do your palms sweat when the receptionist calls your name or do you get tongue-tied when you explain a six-month gap in your resume? Well, fear no more!

Job Interviews for Dummies is your common-sense, hands-on reference that guides you through the trauma of interviewing and provides you with the tools and techniques you need to guarantee an interview that's a "Show Stopper". This friendly reference outlines the basic steps for researching and preparing for an interview with plenty of expert tips and suggestions. With this book as your job search companion, you'll be ready to tackle today's tough market with confidence!

About the Author
Joyce Lain Kennedy is a nationally syndicated careers columnist appearing in more than 100 newspapers around the U.S. She has written several cutting-edge career books geared toward taking advantage of the technology available for job hunting today, as well as a comprehensive career guide. She has her own World Wide Web page on the Internet in the Online Career Center and in E-Span. She is the author of severl other IDG books.


Secrets of Taking any Test

The Secrets of Taking any Test
By Judith N. Meyers
ISBN 1-57685-071-4 (Test Prep/Study Guides)
P 411.60

Why do you need this book?
Taking a test is a dreadful event for anyone, young and old. And usually there is so much riding on the test in terms of your future.

It does not have to be so bad - and you can substantially improve your odds for success. Simply (1) Follow the start-to-finish-test-preparation program in this book and (2) Learn in advance The Secrets of Taking Any Test.


In the Company of Giants

In The Company of Giants
By Rama Dev Jager and Rafael Ortiz
ISBN 0-07-032965-2 (General Business)
P 925.00

TPull up a chair and listen in on honest and unrestrained interviews of the titans of the digital world. Here's tough, straight, sometimes controversial, sometimes profound, but always instructive talk about how they got where they are..

About the Author
Rama Dev Jager is an MBA graduate of Stanford University Graduate School of Business, which is an internationally renowned as the think-tank for the high-tech world. Also a medical school graduate, Jager has combined his medical and technological experience to form EMCard, a health care information technology company that provides hospitals and doctors with complete patient profiles loaded into a microchip on a disk the size of a credit card. He lives in San Francisco.

Rafael Ortiz holds an MBA degree from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Now an assistant professor at Stanford he is also developing Apple Computer's new network architecture. Ortiz lives in San Francisco.









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