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Book Review
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Essential DK Managers: Coaching Successfully

Essential DK Managers: Coaching Successfully
P 343.00
ISBN 0-7513-1214-2
By John Eaton and Roy Johnson

Learn all you need to know about helping others to achieve their full potential. From defining performance targets to supporting staff as they progress. Coaching Successfully shows you how to motivate others to develop themselves, promoting initiative and self-responsibility. Find out how to adapt your coaching style to suit both teams and individuals, how to use delegation as a coaching tool and how to overcome negative attitudes. Power tips help you to handle real-life situations and increase your effectiveness as a role model and confidant.

About the authors:

John Eaton holds a doctorate in psychology and is a senior partner of Coaching Solutions, which provides training, coaching and cultural change programs for managers and directors. He is co-author, with Roy Johnson, of Business Applications of NLP.

Roy Johnson has extensive senior management experience in multinational business. He is senior partner in Coaching Solutions and also runs Pace, an award-winning training program. He holds an MBA and is author of Training with NLP.


Essential DK Managers: Effective Leadership

Essential DK Managers: Effective Leadership
By Roller Heller
P 328.50
ISBN 0-7513-0767-X

Learn all you need to know about leadership and understand the core skills and personal attributes needed to be effective, confident, and supportive manager. Effective Leadership not only shows you how to gain your staff's trust and commitment, but also provides practical techniques for you to use when hiring employees, delegating authority, running meetings and resolving conflicts. Power tips help you to handle real-life situations and develop the first-class skills that you need to become a dynamic and inspirational leader.

About the author:

Robert Heller is the leading authority on management consultancy. He was the founding editor of Management Today, Britain's foremost management magazine, and supervised the successful launch of a number of magazines including Campaign. His many acclaimed books include The Naked Manager, In Search of European Excellence and Culture Shock.




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