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Book Review
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Selling the Wheel

Selling The Wheel
By Jeff Cox and Howard Stevens
P 719.00

Selling The Wheel is a fascinating story about sales and marketing written in the form of an ancient parable: Once upon a time, long ago, a resourceful fellow named Max came up with a brilliant idea and invented the Wheel. But human beings, who had been getting along without the Wheel for thousands of years, did not instantly appreciate their need of this clever invention....

This is the challenge facing Max, as dramatized by Jeff Cox. The book is based on the pioneering research of Howard Stevens's employment-testing and customer-research firm, the H.R.Chally Group. In the story, Max and his wife, Minnie, learn what it takes to market the Wheel. Along the way, they learn many things about marketing. They learn that markets evolve, selling styles and strategies must change. There is no single right way - and no company can be all things to all people. This critical lesson is as valuable to salespeople as it is to sales managers.

Packed with practical tips for salespeople, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and business students, Selling the Wheel is an irresistible guide to sales styles, strategies, and techniques.

About the Author
Jeff Cox and Howard Stevens
Jeff Cox is a professional writer and the bestselling co-author of Zapp! And The Goal, a groundbreaking fiction combining fascinating stories with useful information about the world of business. Both books have been in print continuously since their initial publication, and both have appeared with regularity on business book bestseller lists, including that of Business Week. He is married and lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Howard Stevens is the founder and CEO of the H.R.Chally Group based in Dayton, Ohio. Stevens pioneered and developed the sales-analysis approach used by his firm, a method that has been thoroughly tested and applied to more than 250,000 sales, customer service, management, and executive positions for 2,000 corporate customers. He is married and lives in Dayton, Ohio.


Effective Letters

Effective letters for every occasion
By Casey Fitts Hawley
P 858.50

It's true that we live in an era of fax machines and cell phones - but occasions arise when we simply must sit down and write a personal letter. With help from author, Casey Fitts Hawley, you can transform letter writing from a duty to a pleasure. For starters, she offers you template letters than you can adapt and personalize for a wide variety of needsÉ

And in times when you feel confident enough to strike off on your own, you'll find tips and techniques to help you make your personal letters memorable, attention-catching, and distinctively your own. You will also find a guide to correct letter formattingÉthat elegant final touch that helps your correspondence a pleasure for others to receive and read.


Business Notes

Business Notes
Writing Personal Notes That Build Professional Relationships
By Florence Isaacs
P 799.00

In today's high-tech business world, where we will rely heavily on voice mail, e-mail, faxes, we can't underestimate the value of a personal note, even if it's a few lines. In fact, many successful executives refer to personal notes as their "secret weapons". Whether you're writing to follow up on a sales call or job interview, congratulate a colleague on a recent promotion, reach out to a client with whom you have lost touch or express your condolences to a co-worker, personal notes can build and strengthen important relationships in the professional world. With hundreds of ideas and sample notes to provide inspiration, Business Notes will help you craft an appropriate message for any situation.

About the Author
Florence Isaacs is a part president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and a contributor to many major publications, including Woman's Day, New Woman, Parents and Good Housekeeping. She is also author of Just A Note to SayÉThe Perfect Words for Everyday Occasion. She lives in New York City.


Writing with Power

Writing With Power
Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process
By Peter Elbow
P 320.25

A classic handbook for anyone who needs to write, Writing With Power speaks to everyone who has wrestled with words while seeking to gain power with them. Here, Peter Elbow emphasizes that the essential activities underlying good writing and the essential exercises promoting it are all not really that difficult.

The book shows writers and would-be writers how to reduce the frustrations of writing by harnessing the two opposite mentalities that are required: a creative, accepting, open, imaginative, yea-saying mentality; and a tough, critical, logical, nay-say mentality. Elbow shows how to celebrate the uses of mystery, chaos, and non-planning - and yet still exert conscious care and control over the writing process.

Skills for Experience

Skills For Excellence
By Luis S. R. Vas
P 151.25

How do you achieve excellence in a world of growing complexity and rapid technology? The first step is a thirst for excellence. This is the motivation to achieve quality in whatever you do. Around the world consultants have combined insights from behavioural sciences to train people in achieving excellence in various realms. But excellence requires skills in various areas.

In Skills for Excellence, the author has brought together within one volume most of the ideas and practices which are being taught in enterprises around the world. The book starts with achievement motivation and shows how, as research has proved, this skill can be cultivated and developed. The other skills presented in this book are innovativeness drawn from the ideas of Peter Drucker and others; thinking skills from concepts developed by Edward de Bono; a problem solving technique devised by Rudolf Flesch; creativity as taught by Robert Fritz.




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