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Book Review
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In the Company of Giants

In The Company Of Giants
Candid Conversations With The Visionaries Of The Digital World
By Rama Dev Jager and Rafael Ortiz
ISBN 0-07-032965-2 (General Business)
P 925.00

TPull up a chair and listen in on honest and unrestrained interviews of the titans of the digital world. Here's tough, straight, sometimes controversial, sometimes profound, but always instructive talk about how they got where they are..

About the Author
Rama Dev Jager is an MBA graduate of Stanford University Graduate School of Business, which is an internationally renowned as the think-tank for the high-tech world. Also a medical school graduate, Jager has combined his medical and technological experience to form EMCard, a health care information technology company that provides hospitals and doctors with complete patient profiles loaded into a microchip on a disk the size of a credit card. He lives in San Francisco.

Rafael Ortiz holds an MBA degree from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Now an assistant professor at Stanford he is also developing Apple Computer's new network architecture. Ortiz lives in San Francisco.


Change the World

Change the World
How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Results
By Robert E. Quinn
ISBN 0-7879-5193-5 (Business/Management)
P 1,825.00

In this empowering book, Robert E. Quinn, author of the highly successful and influential Deep Change, gives readers the courage to use personal transformation to positively impact their home life, work life and communities - to be what he refers to as "inner-directed and outer-focused".

We are all potential change agents, but most of us are trapped by the belief that we as individuals can not make a difference. Informed by the teachings of Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. - three of the most successful change agents ever - Quinn outlines eight steps each of us can take to move ourselves and others to the highest levels of excellence. Following his advice, each of us can access and apply the power that lies within us in ways that will change the world for the better.

About the Author
Robert E. Quinn is the M.E.Tracy Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management at the University of Michigan Business School and the author of Deep Change.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Management

Peanut Butter And Jelly Management
Tales from Parenthood, Lessons for Management
By Chris and Reina Komisarjevsky
ISBN 0-8144-7062-9 (General Business/Management)
P 1,350.00

Are you tired of overblown, theoretical management treatises? Bored by self-important pundits preaching the latest in management salvation? Frustrated with practical, half-baked management solutions? Are you ready for a refreshingly practical and down-to-earth approach to management? Are you ready to be entertained, charmed and truly touched by a management book?

If you answered 'Yes!' to any or all of the questions, this is the book for you. Based on the idea that being a good manager requires many of the same skills associated with being a good parent, this book illustrates 19 valuable leadership lessons you can learn from such decidedly unbusiness-like subjects such as:

  • HOMEWORK (Learning, studying and planning for the future)
  • LITTLE LEAGUE (Always push yourself to do better)
  • STREET HOCKEY (How to spot natural leaders on your staff)
  • A SHOE BOX UNDER THE BED (The importance of personalizing otherwise sterile office space)
  • THE ICE CREAM MAN (Trying different things to find out what you like)
  • SAND CASTLES (Nothing stays the same...everything changes...that's reality)

About the Authors
Chris Komisarjevsky is a full-time father and President and CEO of Burson-Marsteller Worldwide, the leading public relations firm. Reina Komisarjevsky is a full-time mother who always hoped she would have at least six children. The couple live in Atlantic Beach, New York.


Workplace Warrior

Workplace Warrior
Insights for Winning on the Corporate Battlefield
By Kay Hammer
ISBN 0-8144-0494-4 (General Business/Career)
P 1,995.00

Successful business people don't get to the top without struggles. But few are willing to expose the failures and setbacks that have lined their paths through battle zones of business.

Kay Hammer is a rare breed. With startling candor and penetrating intelligence, this " very modern, very American heroine" (Forbes) gives a frank and full recounting of her mid-career reinvention, from a linguistics professor raising two children alone to the president, CEO and co-founder of Evolutionary Technologies International - an Austin-based high-tech firm that Inc. magazine twice rated in the top 20 of the 500 fastest-growing companies. It's a heady story of professional and personal battles...an inspiring tale of grit, courage and sheer will...and a practical guide to succeeding in today's ferociously competitive business world.

About the Author
Kay Hammer is co-founder, president and CEO of Evolutionary Technologies International (ETI), a software company that is pre-eminent in the area of data integration management. In 1980, Dr. Hammer left a tenured professorship at Washington State University and made a switch to software. She worked as a systems programmer at Texas Instruments then moved to Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation where she invented the ETI-EXTRACT Tool Suite, which helps automate the task of keeping data consistent across different platforms. Dr. Hammer lives in Austin, Texas.


Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service

Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service (Revised Edition)
By Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke
ISBN 0-8144-7970-7 (Customer Service)
P 1,425.00

"Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service sets a baseline of exceptional customer service in a practical, useful and easy to learn format. This is a great desk reference for anyone interfacing with customers and anyone supporting those who interface with customers."
- Elizabeth Cox, Training Coordinator & Staff Development Specialist, Modus Media International.

About the Authors
Ron Zemke is founder of Performance Research Associates and has authored or co-authored twelve books, including the Knock Your Socks Off series and Service America!Kristin Anderson is a principal of Performance Research Associates, co-author of three other Knock Your Socks Off books, and author of Great Customer on the Telephone (AMACOM).


More Effective Communication

More Effective Communication
A Manual for Professionals
By J. V. Vilanilam
ISBN 0-7619-9363-0 (Communication)
P 495.00

Communication is one of the main planks on which organizational success rests in today's tough business environment. As a result, effective communication skills have become essential to enable professionals to achieve the exacting levels of performance demanded by them. Apart from the practical aspects, an understanding of the basic concepts of communication can further assist professionals to communicate skillfully and persuasively. In this indispensable book, J.V. Vilanilam provides a comprehensive coverage of the important elements of both written and oral communication.The special features of the book include:
Coverage of the latest techniques in professional communication, such as fax, e-mail and the Internet;

Five useful appendices covering items such as frequently misspelt words, correct usage of commonly confused words and sentence correction;

The inclusion of several samples of usage throughout the book;

A discussion of the Universal Mode of Communication (UMC) in the organizational context; and

A step-by-step approach to the preparation of managerial and professional reports
This book is an essential guide for a variety of readers such as: managers at all levels, journalists and technical writers, media people and researchers, and professionals in the areas of business communication and public relations. It also serves as a text for courses in business communication, technical communications and journalism.About the Author
Dr. J. V. Vilanilam was formerly vice-chancellor of the University of Kerala and also served as professor and head of the Department of Communication and Journalism for the same university.

Sales Closings for Dummies

Sales Closings for Dummies
By Tom Hopkins
ISBN 0-7645-5063-2 (Business/Sales)
P 599.60

Renowned sales trainer Tom Hopkins provides you with the hands-on tools and techniques you'll need to execute this crucial part of sales negotiation - the close. Whether you are a newcomer to sales or a savvy pro, Sales Closing for Dummies will help you turn opportunity into bottom-line results. Glean a variety of techniques from these comprehensive chapters:
Become a Champion Closer

Lead a sale without being pushy

Read the signs of an interested potential buyer

Use questioning methods that lead to the close time and time again

Help clients feel good about their buying decision

Keep your clients' business and develop loyalty
About the Author
Tom Hopkins, chairman of the board of Tom Hopkins International, became a millionaire at age 27 and was the nation's leading real-estate trainer at age 30. He has written many books on sales topics and conducts approximately 75 seminars worldwide to more than 10,000 people each year.




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