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Book Review
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Public Speaking
Skills for Success
Thomas J. Farrell and Maureen M. Farrell
P 655.00

This book gives the keys to success in a business career and in their interpersonal relationships. While the major focus of the book is on the art of public speaking, it also serves as a catalyst to explore a full range of other communication skills that are necessary to full and productive participation in society. The fundamental premise of the book is that to be successful, one must communicate effectively.


The Mid-Career Tune-Up
10 New Habits for Keeping Your Edge in Today's Fast-Paced Workplace
By William A. Salmon and Rosemary T. Salmon
P 1,475.00

In today's ultra-competitive workplace, you can expect three things: constant change, ever expanding expectations, and an increasing need for flexibility. You are expected to adapt to new roles and learn new skills on the fly, while simultaneously meeting your existing responsibilities. If you're in mid-career and acquired your work habits before this insanely fast-paced times, that may mean updating your skills.

The Mid-Career Tune Up was written to help you do just that - and keep your career in prime running condition. Packed with specific strategies, checklists, self-assessments, and action steps, it will show you how to:

  • Balance multiple demands on your time and resources
  • Prioritize your job activities
  • Sharpen your communication skills - build your credibility
  • Accept uncertainty and adapt to change
  • Develop productive relationships with the right people
  • Improve your self-management skills
  • Fine-tune your problem-solving techniques
  • Resolve workplace conflicts

About the Authors

William A. Salmon was a management consultant and writer. Formerly an executive at Girard Bank (Mellon Bank East) and W.K.Gray & Associates, he has written several books, audio and video programs, and articles on management and training, including The New Supervisor's Survival Manual and Office Politics for the Utterly Confused.

Rosemary T. Salmon is a founding partner in Salmon & Salmon Associates, providing management consulting, training and writing services to a wide range of clients. She is the co-author of Office Politics for the Utterly Confused. She lives in Woodbury, New Jersey.


Career Clues for the Clueless
By Christopher D. Hudson, Denise Kohlmeyer, Randy Southern
P 149.75

The career guide you've been waiting for has just arrived. And it has a refreshing sense of humor! Now you can launch a new career; find better employment or enter the job market for the first time - without going crazy in the process. This practical and fun-to-read guide to the world of work reveals the inside secrets you need to succeed every step along the way. This book will tickle your funny bone, spark your imagination, and help you uncover your God-given abilities and talents. Whether you're a recent graduate or an old pro ready for a new challenge, take the first step toward the job of your dreams!


Inner Excellence at Work
The Path To Meaning, Spirit and Success
By Carol M. Orsborn
P 1,225.00

To get ahead in life you simply have to work long and hard, right? After all, hard work is the foundation of the American dream. But these days many people are discovering that working harder - and even smarter - doesn't guarantee the dream will come true, and that by sacrificing their personal needs and desires to ambition and success, they've taken the meaning and joy out of both their personal lives and their work.

Inner Excellence At Work provides an enlightened approach to career and life management. According to the author, success need not vie with your deeply held principles and quality-of-life desires - in fact, by being true to those instincts you can achieve your greatest successes ever (while working less!) Written in down-to-earth, easily understood language and packed with real-life examples and time-proven strategies, this book is truly a life-improving guide. Use it to tap into your inner resources for the strength and wisdom essential to finding lasting happiness and success in chaotic, unstable times.

About the Author

Carol Orsborn was among the vanguard of business people who pioneered the application of spirituality in the workplace. She lectures and gives workshops all over the country. She has often been featured in national print media, and has discussed her beliefs about career and life management on shows such as "Ophrah" and "The Today Show." She is the author of numerous books that have been translated into 10 languages. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


How to Act Like A CEO
10 Rules for Getting to the Top and Staying There
By D.A. Benton
P 1,175.00

How To Act Like A CEO will introduce you a cross-section of some of the most powerful and successful CEOs in the world. They range in age from their 20s to their 60s, come from widely divergent backgrounds and work in completely different situations. But every one of these successful executives has used the same 10 rules in getting to the top. Whether your ambition is to become a CEO, start your own company, get a promotion or just have a long and rewarding career where you command tremendous respect and admiration, this no-nonsense and insightful book will help you achieve your goal.

About the Author

D.A. Benton founded Benton Management Resources in 1976 to provide executive development and career counseling. She has worked in 17 countries and her numerous media appearances around the world have brought her wide acclaim.









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