By Lolita Villa

There are various ways in writing a resume. The best approach is still in keeping with the basic approach: clean, professional presentation, with objectives personalized for what the recipient is looking for.

Though you have a lot of freedom in designing unique resumes that should stand out amid the clutter and piles that come into your target company’s door, you need to remember to exercise your creativity within the basic requirements in resume writing. But whatever the case, good quality in content and presentation is all that it takes to pass the mark.

Keep these tips in mind:

1. Always include the name of your past employers. The companies you worked for can lend more credibility to your name.
2. State your job title clearly and be specific.
3. Balance your list of duties by presenting not too little or too much. Provide an overview.
4. If you can’t remember dates, at least remember the months. Start with the current job followed by the preceding ones.
5. Use action words and short, clearly written phrases.
6. Highlight your accomplishments!
7. Try not to provide resumes that are longer than three pages.
8. As a rule, stick to simple and formal font types.
9. Proof read your resume carefully.
10. Provide complete contact data (including alternative contact numbers) so that you will be sure to be reached.