World Class Selling

In today’s changing marketplace, the sales methods and practices of yesterday will no longer work. To stay ahead, sales and marketing professionals at every level must take on new roles. Companies must be willing to reorganize and operate differently. But these transitions are not easily realized and, in today’s challenging business environment, are too often vigorously resisted.

World Class Selling provides the personal/professional tools and the methodology needed for quickly and effectively make these transitions. The book is written in a unique format that the author calls “personal dimensioning.” In a virtual business setting, fictional characters deal with the complex new market-place in a real-world business situation. You’ll follow a salesperson of 15 year’s experience as she is victimized by industry trends which launch her and her company to a quest to climb the value chain ahead of the competition.

World Class Selling also covers such timely subjects as:

– Creating a vision for a major account over the long term, including the use of Internet technology
– Defining and measuring value to the customer, and pursuing customers in non-traditional ways
– Introducing the role of technology in providing new, highly intuitive sales performance and coaching tools, along with just-in-time training using Web-based applications
– Aligning sales, marketing and human resources practices to create a world-class business development department

About the Author

Jim Holden is the founder and CEO of Holden Corporation, an internationally recognized leader in sales and marketing effectiveness. The company has pioneered in the first proven methodology to alisg sales and marketing in today’s marketplace, working with major industries worldwide, including an impressive array of Fortune 100 companies. Holden is the author of Power Base Seling : Secrets of an Ivy League Street Fighter.

The Crossroads of Customer Sales, Marketing and Technology
By Jim Holden ISBN 0-471-32605-4 P 1,840.00 ow
To Build A Winning Team
By Mike Pegg
ISBN 81-7476-096-2
P 240.00