The Power of Positive Criticism
The ability to give and take criticism in a positive fashion is essential to business (not to mention personal) success. Day-to-day tasks such as performance appraisals, team participation, customer service, quality control, and managing conflict all depend on giving and taking criticism well – not an easy thing to do! Highly complex and difficult to handle emotionally, criticism can be a destructive, and even a dangerous force. The Power of Positive Criticism shows you how to transform criticism from a negative, relationship-damaging encounter to a constructive, motivating, beneficial experience for everyone involved.

If you want to improve your skills in this important area, The Power of Positive Criticism will help. The book provides tools to help you hone your criticism skills, including Criticism Inventory, a valuable aid enabling you to gather the information that will help facilitate your abilities in giving and taking criticism.

About the author:

Hendrie Weisinger,Ph.D.,is a licensed psychologist, the originator of “Criticism Training”, and a leading authority in the areas of emotional intelligence and anger management. He has made more than 200 appearances on TV and news programs. A frequent speaker and workshop leader, Dr. Weisinger has led hundreds of criticism seminars for Fortune 500 companies, school systems, government agencies, and professional associations; and he teaches in executive education and MBA programs across the United States. He lives in Westport, Connecticut.

By Hendrie Weisinger,Ph.D.
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