The Magnet Effect

In The Magnet Effect, Jesse Berst, the most widely read Internet analyst and highly respected industry expert, provides a dynamic framework for understanding the Net and using it to achieve business success. He shows you how to apply the “Magnet Effect” to attract and retain an active Internet audience – by keeping your company and its site constantly focused on customer interests, needs and buying habits. Berst charts all the current Net trends and tendencies….and equips you with methods for predicting what’s coming in time to prepare and profit.

The Magnet Effect will tell you how to:

– Wire Your Mind for the Web – by noting changes in the business landscape such as shorter product cycles, less free time, information overload, disappearing barriers, and informed consumers.
– Use the Magnet Effect to Build An Audience – by first aggregating customers then looking for products and services to sell to them.
– Keep Customers with Spiral Marketing – by building lifetime relationships with TV, print, radio, outdoor merchandising, Web sites, trade shows, PR and more.
– Make the Email Connection – by using the power and popularity of e-mail as a tool to close the Spiral Marketing loop.
– Cash In On Ecommerce – by enabling customers to buy products and services online, whenever and wherever they want.
– Predict Change with the Domino Effect – a three-step process for determining when a market is ready to ramp up.
– Capitalize on Markets in Waiting – such as handheld computing devices, invisible computing and interactive TV.
– Engage in Business-to-Business Ecommerce – by selling products and services to companies online, anywhere in the world.

About the Author

Jesse Berst is one of the most popular and respected technology columnists in the world today. His AnchorDesk newsletter on ZDNet draws almost two million readers a day. He is featured regularly on Bloomberg radio, and his weekly column will soon appear in Gannett newspapers nationwide. Mr. Berst also has keynoted the Seyhold Seminars, COMDEX and other leading industry seminars and conferences.

Attracting and Retaining an Internet Audience Today and in the Future
By Jesse Berst
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