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In today’s ultra-competitive workplace, you can expect three things: constant change, ever expanding expectations, and an increasing need for flexibility. You are expected to adapt to new roles and learn new skills on the fly, while simultaneously meeting your existing responsibilities. If you’re in mid-career and acquired your work habits before this insanely fast-paced times, that may mean updating your skills.

The Mid-Career Tune Up was written to help you do just that – and keep your career in prime running condition. Packed with specific strategies, checklists, self-assessments, and action steps, it will show you how to:

– Balance multiple demands on your time and resources
– Prioritize your job activities
– Sharpen your communication skills – build your credibility
– Accept uncertainty and adapt to change
– Develop productive relationships with the right people
– Improve your self-management skills
– Fine-tune your problem-solving techniques
– Resolve workplace conflicts

About the Author

William A. Salmon was a management consultant and writer. Formerly an executive at Girard Bank (Mellon Bank East) and W.K.Gray & Associates, he has written several books, audio and video programs, and articles on management and training, including The New Supervisor’s Survival Manual and Office Politics for the Utterly Confused.

Rosemary T. Salmon is a founding partner in Salmon & Salmon Associates, providing management consulting, training and writing services to a wide range of clients. She is the co-author of Office Politics for the Utterly Confused. She lives in Woodbury, New Jersey.

10 New Habits for Keeping Your Edge in Today’s Fast-Paced Workplace
By William A. Salmon and Rosemary T. Salmon
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