Strictly Speaking

One of the most famed rhetoricians in America, Reid Buckley has dazzled and amused audiences for many years. Now as the founder and head of the exclusive – and exciting – Buckley School of Public Speaking, he trains celebrities, professionals, and executives in the fine art of addressing an audience.

Brimming with humorous anecdotes and sparkling stories of life with the Buckley family and other well-known personalities this guide goes directly to the core of what speakers need to know with characteristic Buckley eloquence and wit.

In this book, Reid Buckley gives you not only good advice, but good reading. Although your life may never hang upon your eloquence, Strictly Speaking will show you that the quality of your life does depend upon your ability to speak well before others.

The power to speak well lets you take charge, whether your audience is one person or one million. It can help you win that big account, convince those you work with to do things your way, ensure you have a sterling impression in meetings and presentations, and help you negotiate.

About the Author

Reid Buckley has been a champion public speaker since his debating days at Yale University, where he starred on a team that scored national and international wins. During the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, he toured the United States, debating with liberal columnist Max Lerner in clashes frequently compared to the Lincoln-Douglas debates. He is the founder and head of The Buckley School of Public Speaking, which has graduated many leading figures in business and government.

Reid Buckley’s Indispensable Handbook on Public Speaking
By Reid Buckley
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