Semper Fi
The U.S. Marine Corp doesn’t create an elite force simply by barking orders at underlings or demanding grueling rounds of laps. Rather, the Corps is the master of in-depth training, non-stop motivating and world-class leadership.

Semper Fidelis – means “always faithful” – is both the motto of the USMC and the inspiration for this book’s unique approach to corporate leadership. Written by two former Marines who are now successful businessmen, Semper Fi goes behind the scenes to pinpoint what works for the USMC. It then applies those strategies to the competitive world of business, showing you how to create a training and management culture that brings out the best in all your employees.

For all the difference between armed services and the profit-driver corporation, they share a key goal: to create a high-performance organization filled with committed, motivated leaders, all the way through the ranks. This book is an evocative and ingenious guide for making that goal a reality.

About the author:

Dan Carrison is a former Marine and now serves as Senior Account Executive for Diebold, the world’s leading supplier of ATMs.

Rod Walsh is also a former Marine and a Vietnam War veteran. He holds an MBA and has been president of Blue Chip Inventory Service for 28 years. Their bi-weekly column,” Rosie’s Bar & Grill”, was picked up by the New York Times Syndicate. Both authors live in Sherman Oaks, California.

Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way
by Dan Carrison and Rod Walsh
P 1,785.00