Selling The Wheel
Selling The Wheel is a fascinating story about sales and marketing written in the form of an ancient parable: Once upon a time, long ago, a resourceful fellow named Max came up with a brilliant idea and invented the Wheel. But human beings, who had been getting along without the Wheel for thousands of years, did not instantly appreciate their need of this clever invention….

This is the challenge facing Max, as dramatized by Jeff Cox. The book is based on the pioneering research of Howard Stevens’s employment-testing and customer-research firm, the H.R.Chally Group. In the story, Max and his wife, Minnie, learn what it takes to market the Wheel. Along the way, they learn many things about marketing. They learn that markets evolve, selling styles and strategies must change. There is no single right way – and no company can be all things to all people. This critical lesson is as valuable to salespeople as it is to sales managers.

Packed with practical tips for salespeople, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and business students, Selling the Wheel is an irresistible guide to sales styles, strategies, and techniques.

About the author:

Jeff Cox is a professional writer and the bestselling co-author of Zapp! And The Goal, a groundbreaking fiction combining fascinating stories with useful information about the world of business. Both books have been in print continuously since their initial publication, and both have appeared with regularity on business book bestseller lists, including that of Business Week. He is married and lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Howard Stevens is the founder and CEO of the H.R.Chally Group based in Dayton, Ohio. Stevens pioneered and developed the sales-analysis approach used by his firm, a method that has been thoroughly tested and applied to more than 250,000 sales, customer service, management, and executive positions for 2,000 corporate customers. He is married and lives in Dayton, Ohio.

By Jeff Cox and Howard Stevens
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