Reaching Your Potential, 2nd ed.
This edition helps learners of all ages and backgrounds take control of their lives and improve both their self-belief and self-esteem. A blend of concepts and applications help readers discover and develop their emotional, intellectual, physical and social potential.

The book involves readers in active learning with self-assessment questionnaires, activities that apply concepts to the reader’s own lives, questions that test comprehension, and case studies that foster critical-thinking skills. Profiles of people who have overcome challenges to succeed in life motivate learners, and many new, colored photos and illustrations help reinforce key concepts.

Key Features :

a new “How-To-Use-This-Book” section explains, step by step, how to get the most from this revised copy

pre-reading and post-reading self-assessments help readers measure their potential and progress

“Getting Up to Speed on the Information Superhighway” encourages use of the Internet to increase personal and professional development

“Your Turn” activities encourage readers to apply what they have learned to personal situations

the Case Studies use short vignettes and questions to further illustrate the material covered

the “Whatever It Takes” features profile a wide range of people of various ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and walks of life.

“News and Views” highlight trends, topics, or current issues of particular interest to the reader.

Personal and Professional Development
by Robert K. Throop and Marion B. Castellucci
P 2,125.00