More Effective Communication

Communication is one of the main planks on which organizational success rests in today’s tough business environment. As a result, effective communication skills have become essential to enable professionals to achieve the exacting levels of performance demanded by them. Apart from the practical aspects, an understanding of the basic concepts of communication can further assist professionals to communicate skillfully and persuasively. In this indispensable book, J.V. Vilanilam provides a comprehensive coverage of the important elements of both written and oral communication.The special features of the book include:

Coverage of the latest techniques in professional communication, such as fax, e-mail and the Internet;

Five useful appendices covering items such as frequently misspelt words, correct usage of commonly confused words and sentence correction;

The inclusion of several samples of usage throughout the book;

A discussion of the Universal Mode of Communication (UMC) in the organizational context; and

A step-by-step approach to the preparation of managerial and professional reports
This book is an essential guide for a variety of readers such as: managers at all levels, journalists and technical writers, media people and researchers, and professionals in the areas of business communication and public relations. It also serves as a text for courses in business communication, technical communications and journalism.

About the Author:

Dr. J. V. Vilanilam was formerly vice-chancellor of the University of Kerala and also served as professor and head of the Department of Communication and Journalism for the same university.

A Manual for Professionals
By J. V. Vilanilam
ISBN 0-7619-9363-0 (Communication)
P 495.00