Members of academic and business groups learned new techniques in teaching and learning at the Educators and Trainers Conference 2009 held last May 11 – 12, 2009 at the RCBC Plaza Tower 2 in Ayala, Makati City.

The conference was guided by the theme, “Discover a ‘Brain New World’ of Teaching and Learning”. The two-day event tackled wide range of topics related to learning, critical thinking, teaching methodology, and mind mapping.

Mr. Tony Buzan, well-renowned author and inventor of Mind Maps; Mr. Henry Toi, Managing Director of Buzan Centre Asia ; Dr. Leticia Penano-Ho, Chair and President of the Philippine Association for the Gifted; and Ms. Lilia Vengco, consultant on Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) for De La Salle University graced the two-day conference.

For the first day of the event, Mr. Buzan discussed “Learning in the Brain New World” which was composed of several inter-related subjects designed to inform the participants on the hidden powers of the mind and effective learning strategies. Mr. Toi talked about “Teaching in the Brain New World” that aims to teach about the different skills and design methods for learning that can be applied for both academic and corporate environment.

The Educators and Trainers Conferece 2009 is presented by AHEAD Tutorial and Review , Salt Light Venrtures, and Buzan Organisation.

For more information about the event, contact Salt and Light Ventures at (632) 813-2703, 813-2732, 830-2191 or visit their website at