Manager's Book Of Checklists

If you are responsible for other people’s performance, then this is the right book for you.

Manager’s Book of Checklists will help you to be more systematic, to consider all angles of any situation. Written in line with the Management Charter initiative, the checklists include : finance, customer care, IT, quality, equal opportunities, and developing competencies.

About the Author:

Derek Rowntree is Professor of Educational Development in the UK Open University. Apart from his academic writings, he is the author of several long-selling paperbacks such as Statistics Without Tears and Learn How To Study.

He is a world-renowned authority in open and distance learning with a special interest in vocational applications – especially management education. Together with Charles Handy, he developed the first courses which built the resounding success of the Open University’s Business School.

ISBN 0-273-64487-4
By Derek Rowntree
P 995.00