Job Hunting for the Utterly Confused

When it all comes to landing your ideal job, even a smart person like you can be confused. But with this book, you’ll learn how to chart your career path with less stress and more fun.

With this book’s expert advice, you’ll master every step of the job search process – from defining your personal skills to preparing a dynamite resume and cover letter; from finding help and invaluable leads on the Internet to marketing yourself effectively; from acing the interview to negotiating a better salary – EVERYTHING you need to know to ensure your professional success.

Don’t wait another minute – make your first career move now and go from being utterly confused to completely aware in no time!

About the Author:

Jason R. Rich is a weekly columnist for The Boston Herald’s Sunday career section and has written feature articles for National Business Employment Weekly and The Wall Street Journal’s Managing Your Career. He’s also the author of First Job, Great Job and has written over 20 other books including a number of best-selling computer and video games strategy guides.

By Jason R. Rich
ISBN 0-07-052665-6 (Careers)