The days of mass produced human beings are over. In the new economy you’re on your own. You have more opportunities than ever, and you can choose what you want to do, how you want to do it and who you want to do it with.

But you also have to be more creative, more flexible and above all more likeable than ever before. You need to learn a vital and new skill – personal innovation. Personal innovation is the new skill to anyone who wants a future in business. It’s about how to imagine, to create, to build teams, networks, relationships, fulfilling lives. Most of all it’s about challenging and re-building the one thing you do have total control over, and that’s you.

When you’re in a game without rules everything is on fast forward, you need to listen, learn, adapt and attack. You need to rewire yourself to make sure you’re ready to survive and thrive.

Innervation is your new economy, new lifestyles survival guide.

About the Author

Guy Browning is a business consultant and writer. The man behind the “Office Politics” column in the Guardian for four successful years, Guy moved on to the “How To” column showing how business principles can be applied to home life (and “how they don’t work there either”).

Guy also writes the “Weak at the Top” diary for Management Today. In his spare time he runs a successful innovation consultancy, Smokehouse and speaks on creativity and business survival on the international conference circuit.

Redesign yourself for a smarter future
By Guy Browning
ISBN 1-843-04002-6
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