Inner Excellence at Work

To get ahead in life you simply have to work long and hard, right? After all, hard work is the foundation of the American dream. But these days many people are discovering that working harder – and even smarter – doesn’t guarantee the dream will come true, and that by sacrificing their personal needs and desires to ambition and success, they’ve taken the meaning and joy out of both their personal lives and their work.

Inner Excellence At Work provides an enlightened approach to career and life management. According to the author, success need not vie with your deeply held principles and quality-of-life desires – in fact, by being true to those instincts you can achieve your greatest successes ever (while working less!) Written in down-to-earth, easily understood language and packed with real-life examples and time-proven strategies, this book is truly a life-improving guide. Use it to tap into your inner resources for the strength and wisdom essential to finding lasting happiness and success in chaotic, unstable times.

About the Author

Carol Orsborn was among the vanguard of business people who pioneered the application of spirituality in the workplace. She lectures and gives workshops all over the country. She has often been featured in national print media, and has discussed her beliefs about career and life management on shows such as “Ophrah” and “The Today Show.” She is the author of numerous books that have been translated into 10 languages. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Path To Meaning, Spirit and Success
By Carol M. Orsborn
P 1,225.00