The Power Principle
With this book, public relations guru Edward Segal does for you what he’s done for more than 500 high-profile clients nationwide: he helps you to achieve and manage the fame you crave and deserve. In lively, bite-sized chapters – peppered with revealing anecdotes about and quotes from notables in the worlds of business, high technology, entertainment, sports, and more – Segal arms you with proven tools and techniques for getting your company, organization or self squarely in the public spotlight and staying there. Throughout the book, you’ll also find instructive, often hilarious “Hall of Fame/Hall of Shame” accounts of some of the most successful and disastrous uses of these techniques.

About the author:

Edward Segal, president of his own public relations firm, is one of North America’s most well-known PR experts, providing public relations advice and counsel to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and trade associations. His bylined articles have appeared in the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

A guide to guaranteeing your business success
by Edward Segal
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