Float You: How to Capitalize on Your Talent

If you were a company, who would you buy shares in you? How high is your stock in the market? Whatever your role, you need people to invest in you. Successful personal floatation, getting to market and winning, can and will happen when you:

* know yourself
* know your value
* know your network
* know your market

Float You leads you through these steps, with no nonsense checks on your brand worth at every stage. Use the float you structure so that when you finally go to market, your personal share price will reach an all time high, and stay there.

About the Author

Carmel McConnell is a change activist, author and business coach. In her corporate career, Carmel has consulted to investment banks, worked on media convergence projects and advised on film studio processes. Previously, Carmel spent several years as a full-time anti-nuclear campaigner. She is author of Change Activist.

Mick Cope is an experienced and inspirational business consultant and author, who has manages a wide range of development programs. Mick is the author of a number of books, the most recent of which are Know Your Value and Lead Yourself.

By Carmel McConnell and Mick Cope
ISBN 1-843-04006-9
P 1,829.50