Understanding Women – Eight Essential Truths
That Work in Your Business and Your Life

By Faith Popcorn, and Lys Marigold
P 328.50
ISBN 0-7513-0767-X

Today, woman make 80% of all purchasing decisions. In EVEolution, Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold show that you cannot succeed in business or successfully start one without understanding how to market to women. No matter what your product is, they reveal why women must be your chief target.

About the author:

Faith Popcorn is an internationally respected forecaster of consumer trends, and a key advisor to many Fortune 500 companies. She is the founder of Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, a New York-based future-focused marketing consultancy, whose clients include Bell Atlantic, BWM, Cigna, McDonald’s and Procter & Gamble. She is also author of the national bestseller of The Popcorn Report and co-author of the national bestseller Clicking. She lives in New York City and Wainscott, NY, with her daughter, G.G.