Culinary Arts Career Starter

A career as a chef for you? “Do what you love to do?”, the experts advise in choosing a career. If that’s cooking, the timing couldn’t be better. The whole culinary arts field is exploding with opportunities. Top chefs are now glamorous celebrities, commanding six-figure incomes. New restaurants are opening everywhere, everyday.

But real success isn’t automatic. It’s a matter of getting the right training and making the right moves beginning with day one. This book, written with the help of top professionals is your guide.

About the Author

Mary Masi, M.A., is the founder of InfoSurge, a company specializing in writing, research and editorial consulting. Previously, she worked in the editorial division of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and before that as a college English instructor.

By Mary Masi
ISBN 1-57685-205-9
P 556.25