Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is the first book to provide specific mediation skills and managerial tools for successfully preventing, managing and resolving workplace conflicts. Before minor skirmishes become full-blown wars, refer to this hands-on, solution-oriented book to learn :

* The four primary tasks of preventive mediation – with two important tools to help you perform those tasks.
* Practical tools for mediating conflicts between others – as well as resolving conflicts between yourself and another.
* Proactive techniques to frame conflicts as both-gain opportunities – instead of win-lose or lose-lose contacts.

About the Author

Dan Dana is a pioneer in the field of mediation. He has pushed the frontier into new territory by reframing mediation as a self-help tool as well as a professional service.

Dan has been a student and practitioner of conflict resolution since the early 1970s. As a graduate student in counseling psychology, he learned a facilitative approach to family system’s therapy. Among fellow counseling interns, he became the “go-to-guy” for resolving marital conflicts. His doctoral dissertation was on the subject of workplace conflict. Dan resides in Kansas City.

By Daniel Dana
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