Change the World

In this empowering book, Robert E. Quinn, author of the highly successful and influential Deep Change, gives readers the courage to use personal transformation to positively impact their home life, work life and communities – to be what he refers to as “inner-directed and outer-focused”.

We are all potential change agents, but most of us are trapped by the belief that we as individuals can not make a difference. Informed by the teachings of Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. – three of the most successful change agents ever – Quinn outlines eight steps each of us can take to move ourselves and others to the highest levels of excellence. Following his advice, each of us can access and apply the power that lies within us in ways that will change the world for the better.

About the Author:

Robert E. Quinn is the M.E.Tracy Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management at the University of Michigan Business School and the author of Deep Change.

How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Results
By Robert E. Quinn
ISBN 0-7879-5193-5 (Business/Management)
P 1,825.00