Building Your Career Portfolio

How well are you building and investing your career assets? What kind of “return” are you enjoying for all your hard work? Will your career wealth enable you to fulfil your dreams and meet your goals? If most of us tried to “analyze” our careers using the same tools and techniques we apply to our investments, we’d probably be in for a rude awakening. Not only would we be sorely lacking in “assets” but we’d probably be getting a lousy “return” on the assets we had managed to build up! And career strategy? What career strategy?

In Building Your Career Portfolio, business and career strategist Carol A. Poore has created a ground breaking approach that is rewriting the rules of work. It clearly and effectively shows you how to build career wealth by developing a diversified “investment portfolio” of career assets that become valuable over time. Rather than putting all of your career eggs in one basket (a single job or business), you will discover how to:

– Define and fulfill your unique personal purpose
– Diversify career risk by selecting the right mix of career assets that align with your personal purpose
– Create a new career and community opportunities throughout your lifetime.

About the Author

Carol A. Poore is an international author, speaker and community leader. A director of one of the nation’s most successful energy service providers, she has been instrumental in shaping business strategy and creating award-winning marketing and public relations programs. Carol’s civic involvement is in integral part of her career portfolio.

By Carol A. Poore
ISBN 1-56414-540-9
P 1,250.00