We could easily describe today´s job market as competitive. Just to give you an idea, institutions produce over 380,000 college graduates from different academic disciplines annually. A jobseeker will also have to deal with more experienced candidates vying for the same position. Please find below some tips on how to come out victorious in today´s job market.

First Tip: Be Confident
If you don´t think you can do the job, then you will most likely convince the employer not to hire you for the position.

The safest way to go is not just to claim that you can do it (especially if you honestly can´t do it), but to assess what your strengths and weaknesses are.

It is important to note that each of us have our own strengths and weaknesses, so try to identify them.

Suppose you are applying for a certain position. The employer usually gives out job descriptions and qualifications for their vacancies. The key here is not to send your application if you are not qualified. This simple process could save you, your valuable time and resources. If after sometime you still get rejected in your applications, don´t lose hope. Re-assess your strengths and weaknesses, and continually develop your knowledge and skills.

Second Tip: Don´t Put An End To Your Learning
By now, some of you might be exhausted from studying your lessons. But if you will not gain the necessary knowledge and skills that you need, your career is going to be sluggish.

The New Economy demands each employee to be Knowledge workers. Knowledge workers can be classified as top of the line professionals that continuously seek career advancements by investing in tools or resources that could reshape their talents and/or abilities.

For starters, you have to read newspapers, or surf the Internet and keep yourself updated about the latest trends in your industry. Visit libraries and try to learn new things each day. Improving your skills will help you catch up with the more experienced candidates.

Third Tip: Work Smart
Do you consider yourself as a hardworking individual?

Well, all of us can work hard, but what can distinguish us from another hardworking individual is our ability to work smart.

Working smart means working fast and using your resources effectively. Before we even begin working on a project, you must lay down all the important details, you must take into consideration all the possible consequences in implementing the task. A reasonable timeline must also be in place to guide you.

In your job application, it is also going to be helpful to apply this principle. Manage your time and resources properly, so you could increase your chances of landing a good position in a good organization.

In conclusion, competition is only tough to those who are not open to developments. We must not always blame it to the country´s economic situation, the course that you took in college, or the school you attended. The fact of the matter is organizations are continuously seeking for better individuals to assume responsibilities that might improve their standing in the market, especially during hard times. If you don’t have what it takes to contribute to the success of an organization, even if you graduated in a good school and selected the most in demand course, they will just look for a better candidate.

Today´s job market can only make each of us better individuals if we strive for excellence then it won’t be that hard for us to achieve our career goals.

By Joyce O. See