Q: My problem arises during interviews and I am sure that the way I answer questions is the main reason why I fail during job interviews. Please give me ideas on how to answer questions such as: “Why do you want the job?” and ” What can you offer to this company?” These are the questions they always ask and I am very confused on how to answer these questions.

– Weng

A: In conducting interviews, HR practitioners are more particular with the way applicants respond to questions than in providing the right answers. It means that interviewers want to see how applicants react on situations that cannot easily be identified as right or wrong answers. There are frequently asked questions (FAQs) during job interviews and I advise that you prepare answers for those questions. Communication skills, a very important factor to be considered by those who are looking for a job, is also assessed during interviews. Reading books on English Grammar would help in enhancing communication skills. You can also practice by allowing someone to ask questions, listen, and check your grammar. This can also be done by looking in a mirror while talking. Enhancing your communication skills would make you confident during interviews.

In answering questions such as “Why do you want the job,” and ” What can you offer to this company,” you can prepare for this questions by conducting a research about the company and the position you are applying for before your interview schedule. You can do this by checking on the company website or by asking friends who might have an idea about the company. HR practitioners would agree that a good and persistent applicant could be described as someone who takes extra time to research about the company s/he might be involved with in the near future.

Good luck!

Yours truly,

Grace Febiar is the human resource officer of Web Philippines, Inc.