Action Tools for Effective Managers

All day long you deal with one management problem after another – listening to your staff’s problems, delegating tasks, resolving conflicts, conducting performance reviews. Many of these challenges can be prickly!

Action Tools for Effective Managers is a unique book that provides you with instant answers for 68 common workplace dilemmas. For each situation, the book supplies : 1. a brief case study or scenario that illustrates the difficulty, 2. insightful analysis of the causes and issues typically involved, and 3. specific “action tools” that you can apply for a rapid,” do-something” solution.

About the Author

Margaret Mary Gootnick and Dr. David Gootnick are principals with David Gootnick Associates, a New York-based management training and development firm. She has served on the faculties of NYU and Marymount Manhattan College. He is a nationally recognized authority on management, and has written several books including Even You Can Give A Talk.

A Guide for Solving Day-to-Day Problems on the Job
By Margaret Mary Gootnick & David Gootnick
P 1,550.00