From March to April of this year, more than 6,000 Filipinos were able to secure jobs through the government’s Comprehensive Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program (CLEEP), according to the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC).

NAPC Secretary Domingo Panganiban stated in his interview with the press that around 6,673 more Filipinos were hired to work for CLEEP Projects from March 23 to April 13 this year. This shows an average of more than 300 jobs a day for 21 consecutive days.

These newly hired workers will work on port projects, construction of farm-to-market roads, construction and maintenance of Tindahan Natin outlets, rehabilitation of irrigation systems and hospital facilities, and the establishment of micro-enterprises, among others.

In the same interview, Sec. Panganiban said, “CLEEP projects are not only designed to create jobs for poor and underprivileged Filipinos, they are also meant to improve basic services and encourage private investments, which we need to keep our economy strong and forward moving,”

With the new hires, NAPC reported that over 81,000 Filipinos have benefited from the program spearheaded by President Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo. thanks its following sources:

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