Welcome Employer!

Congratulations for choosing as your partner for all your recruitment needs. We are committed to helping you fill up your organization's vacancies with qualified professionals, as well as save you time and money through our paperless tools and features.

To get the most out of our HR services, simply go through the steps of this primer as illustrated below. Each phase is designed to aid you with each area of the recruitment process while making the experience efficient and worthwhile.

Sign up for My HR Assistant



Before availing of services, first, go to the Employer's section and create an account in My HR Assistant. The information you provide will serve as your administrator profile and your company fact sheet, which will be made available to job seekers who are interested in knowing more about your organization.


Contact the Team about your Service Package



After you have acquired your own HR Assistant account, you can subscribe to services that help you recruit and process interested applicants online.We have a roster of products and services to fit your needs and your budget. E-mail our team at to avail of our list then inform us which packages you are interested in getting.


Create an ad with the Job Post Wizard



Create your own job ad through our Job Post Wizard. This way you have greater control over the quality and content of your ad, by just choosing from our list of templates and filling it up. Simply fill up the form, then preview your ad, edit, and activate! You also have the option of ordering a customized ad by sending us the materials and requirements.


Use our RMS System



Process your applications by using our Resume Management System. Login to your HR Assistant Account to be able to view and sort applicant resumes. Resumes can be received by applicants who apply online or those you acquire from the Resume Retrieval Service.


Use HR Tools for your tasks



Empower your know-how with more tips and helpful advice from the HR Library, a collection of resources on human resources topics.


Join the HR Community



Sound off at our message boards. Create support networks and online communities among your own peers. When you sign in you can create your own topics, or post comments on others. Use the Forums to share problems and solutions endemic to HR practitioners.


Get What's New in the industry



Keep updated with industry news and the latest events. Regularly check into the homepage for announcements, and sign up for the free Corporate Trabaho newsletter for your bi-monthly dose of HR updates.



Check out the Marketplace



Shopping online makes for efficient and safe purchasing. Get a shopping account at the Marketplace. Use the shopping cart to store useful HR tools, which include books, e-learning courses, recruitment software and more. You can also opt to put up your wares for e-tailing by becoming a tenant at the marketplace.


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