Job Interviews for Dummies Job Interviews for Dummies
By Joyce Lain Kennedy
ISBN 1-56884-859-5 (Careers)
P 590.00

Does preparing for a job interview make your stomach turn? Do your palms sweat when the receptionist calls your name or do you get tongue-tied when you explain a six-month gap in your resume? Well, fear no more!

Job Interviews for Dummies is your common-sense, hands-on reference that guides you through the trauma of interviewing and provides you with the tools and techniques you need to guarantee an interview that's a "Show Stopper". This friendly reference outlines the basic steps for researching and preparing for an interview with plenty of expert tips and suggestions. With this book as your job search companion, you'll be ready to tackle today's tough market with confidence!

About the Author:

Joyce Lain Kennedy is a nationally syndicated careers columnist appearing in more than 100 newspapers around the U.S. She has written several cutting-edge career books geared toward taking advantage of the technology available for job hunting today, as well as a comprehensive career guide. She has her own World Wide Web page on the Internet in the Online Career Center and in E-Span. She is the author of severl other IDG books.

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