Barron's Business Success Guide : Entrepreneurship 101 Barron's Business Success Guide : Entrepreneurship 101
ISBN 0-7641-1410-7
By Jae K. Shim, Ph.D. and Joel G. Siegel, Ph.D,CPA
P 575.00

The prerequisites of entrepreneurship are imagination and business talent. This book encourages you to assess your skills and find out if you have what it takes to reap the rewards of successful entrepreneurship. You'll find summaries of what you need to know and tasks you'll need to accomplish in business areas as diverse as financing, marketing, management of assets, skill at human resource management, and familiarity with accounting, business law, and tax law.

Barron's Business Success Guides offer career-minded men and women practical methods for success as well as sound advice that applies to all levels of management in the business and corporate world.

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